6.1.17 – 8.30.17

It’s been awhile since my last update. Still taking pictures, just taking three or four times as long to upload them. It’s been a busy summer from start to finish, but it’s time to finally get all of these photos logged onto my blog. Some of these photos date back to February and March of 2017, however, most are from June through August.

It’s been an eventful summer from a road trip  through the Midwest with the destination of Chicago, IL to meeting my nephew for the first time to landing dead center in the 2017 lunar eclipse path of totality. It’s definitely been one of the more eventful year’s of my life – which is not saying much – and looking through these photos serves as a good reminder as to why I should keep documenting as much as I can.

Before this last photo batch, I never viewed any of my images on a mobile device. What I noticed though is a bit of a bummer: I lean heavy on the red when I saturate my photos. As as result of my lead-red foot, everyone appears more red on a phone. On my computer screen it’s all good, but not so much on mobile.






Michael Close-up





Slim and Jayden 2

Lunar Eclipse



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