Today is February 19th, 2017.

I went to D.C. for the first time in over a decade, and it was great. It’s never been a city on my radar, but I fell in love with all it had to offer. The architecture, the history, the fashion sense, the food; It was great.

A few of my high school buddies joined me for the trip, our friend Mike acting as our tour guide. He’s lived in and around the D.C. area for a shade under a decade now. It was a weekend trip, so I’m thinking of uploading a few more later.

I didn’t have a particularly productive outing as far as shooting is concerned. When I tried to get a shot of the Washington monument close up, the complete image couldn’t fit in the frame due to my macro lens. The building architecture in its historical likeness and epic rendition proved to be difficult as well. So, long story short I used my disposables sparingly. I’m on the Craiglist hunt now for both a 35mm and telephoto lens.

D.C. has made me think more about the positioning of the sun and overcast. I was completely unprepared for the difference in lighting and some of my favorite shots are too dark. The negatives can be developed up a stop when I make 4×6 prints, so we’ll see how these and few others come out down the road.

On Feb.4, a protest on the immigration ban in was held in D.C. Unfortunately the perimeter fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. was blocked off by temporary anti-protest fencing.














2.4.17. – 2.5.17.

I took a trip to D.C. recently to visit a high school buddy. I’ve not yet taken the rolls I shot to be developed, but in the meantime I made a quick video edit. For how much video I shoot – zero – it came out as a good reminder of the energy of certain moments. Definitely going o hit the record button more often on my phone. The guys featured in the clip are friends from high school and I appreciate them all being able to put together a much needed mini-reunion.